Social Philosophy and Policy


Upcoming Conference: December 2018

The Origins of Political Economy

The 2018 Social Philosophy & Policy Tucson conference focuses on the origins of political economy. 

In recent years, a reunification of economics and politics has emerged as a key trend in social scientific research. The “public choice” school and the “new institutional economics” movement have made seminal contributions to the rediscovery of political economy in social philosophy and policy. The scholars at the forefront of these developments were responding to a widespread acknowledgment that solving many of our most pressing public challenges requires a reintegration of the moral sciences. Their attempt to rise to this challenge, alongside the multiple research programs that were elaborated between the middle of the eighteenth century and the end of the twentieth century, provide a rich set of perspectives from which we might examine the emergence and re-emergence of political economy, its sources and motivations, and the problems it sought to solve.

By bringing together scholars and luminaries in philosophy, economics and political theory, we hope to create a productive and stimulating weekend. Papers from this conference will be featured in the summer 2020 issue of Social Philosophy & Policy

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